Janelle has helped me and my dog drastically! Both my dog and I had zero exposure to a group setting of dogs. As you can imagine this caused a fair amount of anxiety for the two of us. She gave me the confidence in knowing everything would be OK as well as tips of what to watch for in interactions. She has been extremely understanding, patient and caring with any situation, both personal and professional. Janelle is very personable and goes that extra mile! I'm honoured to have met her and proud to call her my friend :) Mia and I look forward to our play dates regularly!


Ashley Weighed

Twice we have been fortunate enough to attend Janelle’s classes with our little terrier.  We learned something new in each class - not only how to gently teach and remind but also how to love, respect and understand our dog.

Her pawsitive training methods are so much more appropriate and suitable than harsher training. Janelle’s methods honour the animals.  Her common sense thinking goes a long way.  

One of Janelle’s skills is how she works her magic on the owners. At the Off Leash Dog Park, the thought of letting go of the leash terrified me as I was sure I’d never see my precious pup again.  Through her understanding and smart coaching, she knew just what to do to help us to let go with confidence.  It was amazing (and my dog came back time and time again!).   

I have recommended Janelle’s classes several times and will continue to do so.  They truly are a step above and a great experience.  You won’t be sorry.


  Barbara Herriot-Miller

Puppy Training

I was given a referral for Janelle when my young pup Sasha, a purebred Karakachan, was about 3 months and already 45 pounds.  I was looking for someone with the patience to use Positive Reinforcement and support me in my vision of the behaviors I would expect when the pup became an adult dog.  Janelle met the challenge and successfully exceeded every expectation we had of a dog trainer! She helped with specific tasks like helping the pup overcome a fear of stairs. She instructed us in how to turn random barking into “speak” on command. Many of the tasks we practiced were geared towards having a well-socialized adult dog.  All with great success!  I can’t thank Janelle enough for the joy we experience every day with a well-socialized family pet who I can trust with meeting any new dog or person. Sasha is now an extremely large dog at 145 pounds but has the gentle manners we had planned for when we first hired Janelle to guide us through training.

Training for Well-socialized Dog

There is no better time spent than teaching a puppy socialization with not only other dogs and humans – but with all the sights and sounds they will encounter as they experience the world. I had a dog many years ago who wasn’t socialized outside the family home and enjoyed rough-housing with teen boys including the dog in games of tackle football.  As an adult dog – there was always great apprehension when a stranger came to our home – waiting to see whether the dog would trust the new visitor or not. I went to Janelle with the specific goal of how I wanted to have my pup to greet visitors to my home once it was an adult dog.  Janelle instructed in many activities of socialization besides meet and greets with other dogs. We went through exercises geared to exposing the pup to loud or unexpected noises or situations. With the positive rewards system Janelle teaches the pup was easily trained to be out in public and not react negatively to something new she may encounter.  Thanks again Janelle for helping us train to get a an adult dog who’s behavior to strangers is as trained!  There is no apprehension as to how the dog will react to a new situation.  What a joy. Can’t thank Janelle enough!

L. Roberts, Winnipeg

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