It is important to socialize your puppy from the time you get it.  The younger you can begin to expose it to a variety of people, places and situations, the more success you will have with its socialization.  Exposure should continue as they grow.  As a dog owner, there is an inherent responsibility to regularly seek out, and take advantage of, new experiences.  

We realize that dogs simply crave interaction with their own species.  They are pack animals, and as much as we want them to be a part of our family, they are still dogs.  It is not fair to deprive them of their own kind.  A happy dog, is one who can have the canine companionship they desire, and who can return home, a tired bundle of fur, ready to cuddle with their human family.

Partners in Paws for Small Dogs provides safe and secure opportunities to give your dog the experiences that are an important part of their well-being.

This group is specifically geared for dogs 30 lbs and under.  

All the dogs must be friendly and have their first set of vaccinations.


Play group is held every Sunday at Sprockett's Doggy Day Camp, 7-975 Thomas Ave. (unless noted in the calendar)

There are two play groups:

11 am - 12 pm is Wallflowers

12 pm - 1 pm is Wild & Rowdy

$5.00 drop in fee

No membership required

If you have any questions, just email Janelle at


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